How To Be An Awesome Best Man

(and not screw up your best friend’s wedding)

Cover-Design-v2Being a best man is a massive honour. Your best friend has just asked you to play a key part of one of the most important days of his life, which means you are going to be front and centre at almost all of the most visible parts of his wedding day…

…so you had better not screw it up!

This is where this essential guide comes in.

With this book, you’ll learn how to write and deliver an awesome best man’s speech, organize an unforgettable bachelor party/stag event, and effortlessly handle all the work needed to make the big day go smoothly, and forever put you in the debt of the bride and groom. The book also looks at techniques for making sure the groom stays happy, tricks for handling the rings, and also looks at some of the issues around being a best man at a gay wedding.

Drawing on his experience of being a best man five times (and counting) Chris Dicken has written ‘How To Be An Awesome Best Man’ as an accessible and practical introduction to all aspects of the art of best-manning.